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Miss Alyssa is a gymnast by trade, which provided a solid foundation to develop a multitude of athletic and acrobatic disciplines throughout her life.  Although her family jokes that she started walking on her hands before she walked on her feet, it wasn’t until age 6 that she was enrolled in her first gymnastics class at the YMCA.  By age seven, she joined St. Cloud School of Dance and Gymnastics and started completing USAG Junior Olympic Gymnastics. By the age of 10 she was a level 8 USAG competitor, claiming individual state champion titles in every level.  When she was 12, she was invited to join the United States International Competitive Team and relocate to Australia. Being apart of a close knit, Midwest family, they had to respectfully decline this offer and stay in Minnesota. This is when her gymnastics training opened the door to the world of competitive diving.  

At the age of 12, she tried out for her middle school/high school diving team.  She was honored to be placed on the high school varsity team as a seventh grader winning many competitions and placing 5th at high school section finals as a seventh grader. While warming up for a competition her 8th grade year, she hit the diving board, shattering most of her fingers in both hands and rupturing tendons to the point of disrepair.  Refusing to miss gymnastics practice, she spent 25 hours/week for the next 5 months in the gymnastics gym strength training and perfecting the dance portions of her routines.  This is when her love of coaching and choreography really took hold.

She became an assistant coach and was coaching her own classes by the age of 14.  It took 2 years of bi-weekly physical therapy appointments and 2 surgeries to regain enough function of her hands to make a full athletic come-back.  She was able to begin competing gymnastics and diving again, and she joined her high school gymnastics team her junior year of high school. She was voted team captain of her high school gymnastics team her junior and senior year, and was given the opportunity to compete with various collegiate gymnastics teams.   

After high school she moved from Minnesota to Iowa for a reputable nursing school that didn’t have a gymnastics team.  Feeling lost without gymnastics she became a collegiate cheerleader and started coaching boys and girls USAG Junior Olympic gymnastics in Iowa.  Eventually she could not ignore her call to be a coach and left her profession of nursing to coach gymnastics full time. She became the head USAG team coach for Twisters Gymnastics in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; leading many teams to top 3 state championship titles along the way.  She also became the recreational gymnastics and birthday party director for the next 8 years. With over 1,100 students enrolled in the program, Miss Alyssa was put in charge of hiring and training 20 coaches to join their team. Soon she became one of the youngest Junior Olympic judges in Iowa, and began developing tumbling curriculum and providing instructor training at various dance studios in the Midwest.  Alyssa has often coached JO teams of 14 gymnasts per level single handedly, with countless individual state champions along the way. Her Cedar Rapids Twisters teams competed against Olympic gym Chow's Gymnastics. Her last year coaching in Iowa her teams beat Chow’s Gymnastics at every competition, including state. Chow would often congratulate Alyssa on her job well done following each competition and engage in friendly banter regarding who would win the next competition.  During her time at Twisters Gymnastics, she coached beside Jesus Vasquez (NCAA All-American gymnast, 13 year collegiate coach, and former coach at Chow's Gymnastics); where she learned many of the Olympic training techniques she uses today. During this time Alyssa developed the skills needed to be the successful optional level coach she is today. She was also a head compulsory coach for Dynamics Gymnastics under owner Olga Gotsmanova-Koval (USSR Olympic and National Team member from 1975-1979) for two years, where she trained upcoming assistant coaches and lead her teams to second place state titles.   Alyssa credits the time spent coaching under Olga for the necessary attention to proper gymnastics technique that is carried throughout every competitive level.

Alyssa continued to evolve her acrobatic abilities as an adult and became the first hand to hand balancers in Cedar Rapids in 2014.  She began subleasing space to run her own tumbling program at a silks studio and added aerial silks and lyra to her acrobatic arsenal in 2015.  In 2016 she combined her love for gymnastics with the art of fire performing, and became the first ever fire-tumbler of her kind. In 2018 she developed a unique form of partner acrobatic fire performing and has been hired as a fire performer for a variety of events in the Midwest.  

In October of 2018, Miss Alyssa purchased a 40’ school bus in Iowa and drove it to Durango, Colorado where she began the transformation process.  Miss Alyssa’s CircBus, LLC, is currently the only bus of its kind in the world offering birthday parties, classes, private lessons, and performances pertaining to gymnastics, ninja, rock climbing, aerial acrobatics, and fire performing. She is also employed as a private contractor for multiple dance studios around Durango; providing advanced tumbling workshops to the cities top dancers.  In addition, Alyssa began working as a judge consult for Durango Gymnastics in the fall of 2018. She identified major deductions in the USAG JO gymnast's routines in preparation for upcoming competitions.

Alyssa was approached by the City of Durango and Durango Gymnastics in the early Spring of 2019 regarding the need for a separate USAG JO program.  She jumped at the opportunity, and became the sole owner and coach of Durango Junior Olympic Gymnastics; Durango’s largest and most successful Junior Olympic gymnastics program!   Her top-notch coaching style provides individualized practices to every gymnast on the team. This allows each gymnast to progress quickly and independently, helping every gymnast reach their fullest potential.  Alyssa is excited to fulfill her dream of a lifelong gymnast, while providing the opportunity for other young girls to reach their dreams in Durango, as well.

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