What is USAG?

USA Gymnastics is the national governing body for the sport in the United States. It gets this designation from the U.S. Olympic Committee and the International Gymnastics Federation…the organization is committed to creating a culture that empowers and supports its athletes and focuses on its highest priority, the safety and well-being of the athletes. USA Gymnastics also provides continuing education resources for new and experienced coaches, instructors and professional members. Today, more than 200,000 athletes, professionals and clubs are members of USA Gymnastics. Throughout the year, USA Gymnastics provides educational opportunities for coaches and judges, as well as gym club owners and administrators, through regional Congresses, the National Congress and Trade Show, and USA Gymnastics University...Approximately 4,000 competitions and events throughout the USA are sanctioned annually.


What sets USAG above other competitive organizations?


USA Gymnastics sets the rules and policies that govern the sport of gymnastics, including selecting and training the U.S. Gymnastics Teams for the Olympics and World Championships; promoting and developing gymnastics on the grassroots and national levels, as well as a safe, empowered and positive training environment; and serving as a resource center for members, clubs, fans and gymnasts throughout the United States.


What does Junior Olympic mean?


In the United States, USAG Junior Olympic program is designed to instill proper gymnastics technique in all participants.  This league is solely responsible for  creating and selecting the US Olympic Gymnastics  team.  “The national Olympic Committee was created by the Congress of Paris on June 23, 1894, and was entrusted with the control and development of the Modern Olympic Games. The IOC is the final authority on all questions concerning the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement. 

The Federation Internationale de Gymnastique(FIG) is recognized by the IOC and is responsible for the governance of the sport of gymnastics on the international level. The FIG establishes the rules on eligibility that each country with a national gymnastics federation must follow. Nearly 130 countries are members of the FIG. USA Gymnastics became officially recognized by the FIG in October 1970. 

The U.S. Olympic Committee, headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colo., since 1978, is comprised of 78 member organizations, including USA Gymnastics. The USOC is recognized by the IOC and is responsible for the U.S. Olympic Team and Pan American Games Team. It is the guardian of the U.S. Olympic Movement.”

Can I switch from a different gymnastics competition league to USAG Junior Olympic Gymnastics?

In Colorado, there are several competition avenues for your gymnast to travel which vary in technical gymnastics requirements and program coats.  These included CARA (Colorado Association of Recreational Acrobatics), USAG Xcel, CHSAA (Colorado High School Association of Athletics), and USAG.  Although competing in more then one of these leagues simultaneously is against the policy, gymnasts may switch between competition leagues if they fulfill the technical requirements of that league.  It is much easier to switch from Junior Olympic gymnastics to one of the less technical programs listed above, however, there are rules and regulations that must be followed when a gymnastics switches leagues.  When switching from another competition league to USAG JO gymnastics, the gymnast must advance through the competition levels as all USAG Gymnasts do.  USAG JO gymnastics must start competing at level 4.  Many programs, including Durango Junior Olympic Gymnastics, opt to begin competitors in level 3 for the experience gained in this introductory competition level.  Each gymnast must compete for at least one competition at each level to earn the qualifying score designated to advance to the next level.  Therefore, regardless of age or skill level, the gymnast will usually have to start at level 4 when transferring from another competition league. There are rare exceptions where video qualifications may be submitted to bypass introductory compulsory levels, however, this exception is rare.  If a gymnast is interested in switching from another competition league to USAG, it is more beneficial to make this transition early in their competitive career, to allow the opportunity to advance accordingly.  


What is the age range of a Durango USAG Junior Olympic Gymnast?



At Durango Junior Olympic Gymnastics, we accept gymnasts into our Pre-Team program as young as 4 years old.  Due to the advanced technique and skill requirements of USAG, gymnasts benefit most from 1-2 years of pre-team if they are not transferring from another competition league.  Although 4 years old is the youngest excepted into the pre-team program, the average age of our Pre-Team gymnasts is 6, and private lessons are available for gymnasts younger than 4.  


Competitive Team 

The youngest age a gymnast is allowed to compete for USAG is 6 years old.  The ability to begin competition is strictly based on the mastery of skills and choreography requirements of level 3.  


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