Juliana McKown


About Juliana McKown

Nickname: Juli

Birthplace: Tampa, FL

Hometown: Durango, CO

Year in School: Sixth

Name of School: Escalante Middle School

High School Graduation Year: 2026

Year you began gymnastics: 2011

Favorite Event: Bars

How did you get involved in gymnastics: My parents put me in a tumbling class when I was 3. I was pretty good at it so they have kept me in gymnastics ever since.

Favorite thing about gymnastics: It's challenging and fun at the same time.

Names of parents/guardians/spouse: Will & Mandy

Names of sibling(s): Ava

Family members in sports: Sister and Dad

Interests Outside The Gym

Favorite school subject: Reading

Hobbies or favorite activities: Cooking, Hiking, Biking, Girl Scouts, Friends & Family, Crafting

Favorite book(s): Mysteries

Favorite movie(s):  Descendants

Favorite TV show(s):  Cooking shows & Gymnastics

Favorite Food: Enchiladas & Ice Cream

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